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Everything is done for the dog !

We founded Sub Dog in 2018 with the intention of promoting awareness and reducing reluctance among the general population!


From the moment of thought and decision to spread awareness and create a controlled fear of dogs among the right populations, we have explored the right ways to do so in the most effective way!

At the end of 2017, I went out to study dog literature at the "Love for Fur" dog salon in Gedera, at the same time as studying therapeutic dog training and dog training at the "Dogs in the Service of People" organization in collaboration with "Achva" College!

I spread the knowledge I have acquired in a number of ways, and give people through this knowledge the ability to deal with the dogs (both in their possession and not).

We're in the subadog

Provide assistance to children with special needs inside and outside the study frameworks.

Provide hairdressing and grooming services in a central shopping center in Eilat.

Provide advice (for educating the dog) for proper conduct with situations in which the dog places the breeders.

Among other things, we also know how to mediate trainers and a suitable diet for your dogs from stores and other businesses.

Chen Nissim Maimon

CEO and owner

Book, trainer, therapeutic dog

Clapperman Financing String

Marketing and image design

Architect, interior designer

Sub Dog Team

Our Team
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